Basic English Conversation

Basic English Conversation

Excuse me good morning

Can you please tell me what the time now is?

Actually I forgot my watch at home

Uh it’s nine o’clock are you new here

Yeah you got it right i just shifted tomorrow

Oh nice to meet you how can I address you?

You can call me john how would you like To be called

Chelsea nice to meet you john

Nice to meet you too chelsea where do You belong

Actually i was born in california

But my husband works in new york so I

Have to stay here

Where do you belong

I am an asian i came here to get my



Anyways what do you do

Another homemaker i have a small family

Of three members

Me my husband and my little boy what are

You studying

I’m studying law at new york state


Oh that’s near my house is it someday

I would be really happy anyways

Who’s there in your family

Thank you so much for your generosity I Will

Definitely try uh i have a small family

My parents me and my younger sister

Where are they

They are at my home state but my elder Sister is

Working in washington she’s a cop

That’s really great what’s your father


What do you want to do after getting

Your degree

I’m planning to settle down here but i’m

Not sure

As my parents aren’t here

That would be really great if you settle

Down here

It can be tell me more about your family

I would like to listen

My husband is a doctor and my son is

Years old my parents are in california

With my elder brother and my


That’s really nice it seems like

You really like to mix up with people

Yes i was always an extrovert

I really like to meet new people

Anyways what about you

Do you like to make new friends


Not actually i’m kinda introvert type

I don’t like too many people around me

That’s quite natural not everyone is Same

Thanks for understanding me

Um if you aren’t busy then we can go for

Coffee i know a very good coffee shop Here

We can sit there and talk

Sure you are a nice lady and

I don’t have anybody here it wouldn’t be Bad

If i get a family here

That’s humble let’s go

So what to do in your free time

I’m keen to cooking trying new dishes

Give me fun tell me about your daily Routine

Uh i’m not a morning bird i

Really can’t get up early so i get up at

o’clock then i take my break

First after that i leave for my classes

My classes end at two o’clock

So after finishing my classes i get back At home

And get fresh then i take my lunch

Oh i forgot to mention i

Do a part-time job of a delivery guy so

Around at three o’clock i live for my Job

I come back at eight

And have some snacks then

I get back to study table i study for

Three hours after that i take my dinner

And use social media for some time

And finally at  o’clock i go for sleep

Oh it seems your schedule is tight

I hope i’m not wasting your time

No there is nothing like that today is My

Off day so you don’t need to take the Burden

Such a relief by the way

What are your food choices

It was always hurt actually i’m a fuzzy Eater

I like to have rich food you can say i

Only eat unhealthy food

So beef pie and tiramisu will work for

The dinner

I am inviting you for the dinner and I Really

Want you to come

I don’t want to be terrible for you

Oh please there’s nothing like that

My address is  c

Bush long beach

Thank you i’ll be there before nine


I have to leave i need to pick my son From school

See you at

Sure it was a great time with you

Let me take your leaves now goodbye