IELTS 16 – Test 1 – IELTS Speaking 8+ Samples – (IELTS Speaking 9)

IELTS 16 – Test 1 – IELTS Speaking 8+ Samples – (IELTS Speaking 9)

IELTS 16 – Test 1 – IELTS Speaking 8+ Samples – (IELTS Speaking 9)

Test 1

Part 1 – Flowers and plants

Do you have a favorite flower or plant? (Why/Why not?)

  • Ans: Um I’d say red rose is what I prefer since it gives out a majestic vibe and sometimes sunflower can be included.

What kinds of flowers and plants grow near where you live? (Why/ why not)

  • Ans: Actually there isn’t much of a variation in plants in my area. The most I see are kept and well embellished by people as a Part of hobby so small money plants and other orchids are mainly integrated here.

Is it important to you to have flowers and plants in your home? (Why/ why not)

  • Ans: As a person who’s absolute into nature, I feel at ease being encompassed by a riot of palatteful (colorful) of flowers and plants, so yes I’d say I can’t think of a home without glints of nature in it.

Have you ever bought flowers for someone else? (Why/why not)

  • Ans: That’s a good question, but I’m afraid I haven’t since it never crossed my mind to gift anyone flowers.

Part 2

Describe a review you read about a product or service

You should say:

  • Where you read the review
  • What the product or the service was
  • What information the review gave and about the product and service

And explain what you did as a result of reading this review.

  • Ans: I’ll be talking about a fantabulous review that appeared on my Instagram feeds once, and I’m sure by such exquite review a lot of customers like me were engrossed towards it. It was on a Scented candle and aforesaid I’m a very dreamy person allocating with the love of nature, the product was accommodated by spring scent. The review had drawn out a very minimalistic yet exclusive analysis on the candle’s design, of it being a petal shape with a leaf on top that actually was perceived by the flame thread. It was a global store where most foreigners were ordering the item.
IELTS 16 - Test 1 - IELTS Speaking 8+ Samples - (IELTS Speaking 9)

Part 3 (Discussion Topics)

Online reviews

What kinds of things do people write online reviews about in your country?

  • Ans: Since it’s the era of technology, these days countless of people are into making food review videos or even product that they buy as a haul. So here in Dhaka city most reviews are based on fashion products or household items. However, some do create fake review analysis with regards to earning.

Why do some people write online reviews?

  • Ans: Aforesaid, many people began making fake online reviews hired by individual companies to create breath-taking opinions as a third party to compel customs.

Do you think online reviews are good for both shoppers and companies?

  • Ans: Apparently yes, having diligent reviews online concocts it easier for people who are looking for things that compliment needs instead of darting to physical stores. In terms of the store keepers, they can interact with customers and even the oversea ones by the help of the Internet making a lucrative earning as well. So it’s a go-go for both the parties.

Test 2

Part 1 – People you study/work with

Who do you spend most time studying/working with? (why/why not)

  • Ans: That’s a decent question! Well I’m mostly secluded at my home nor do I visit libraries for study purposes as for that i generally don’t have a study partner. However, in terms of working i have many people encompassing me while I’m at work.

What kind of things do you work/study on with other people? (why)

Ans: As I aforesaid, I don’t study with others but during working since I’m a professional teacher I tend to deal with various candidates and other teachers in order to come up with exquisite and intrinsic results.

Are there times when you study/work better by yourself? (Why/why not)

  • Ans: In all honestly, it varies. Even though its very amicable to have a partner at some point during studies, it may even turn out very loquacious too and i personally like to study alone, especially at nights since its more concealed during that hour.

Is it important to like the people you study/work with? (why? Why not)

  • Ans: Yes, it is a prominent need to be cordial with those we work with since it removes a vexatious atmosphere and gives us a helping hand at work. Sometimes we get lost on what to do next and our peers can come in handy to keep us on the tract.

Part 2

Describe a tourist attraction you enjoyed visiting.

You should say:

  • What the tourist attraction is
  • When and why you visited it
  • What you did there

and explain why you enjoyed visiting the tourist attraction

Ans: There’s a story in my cup that I would be eloquent about. Intrinsically I don’t visit places often although Bangladesh got a myriad of monuments like Lalbhag fort, Martyr Monument and even big sites like the Cox Bazaar which is one of the most renowned large sandy beach in the world. I have visited the beach quite a few times in my life but the most memorable one was the recent one. During my last visit i realized many changes has been discerned and more extravagant decors have been implemented for the tourists, starting from juice at the beachside ending with freshly fried fishes caught from the sea. To make it more engrossing, the prices were quite negotiable. Walking past the sea there were many shops with various ornaments reeled out by beads of pearls or maybe empty sea shells. In addition, there’s something that i absolutely adored was the picturesque view of the ocean at night beaming in starlight.

Part 3

Different kinds of tourists’ attractions

What are the most popular tourists’ attractions in your country?

Ans: There are many to name, but ID still state Cox’s Bazaar is the most elevating one on the chart. Apart from that there’re Lalbagh fort, Shonargaon, Shundarban, Sixty dome mosque which is aboded in Bagerhat and among them I’ve only visited Shonargaun located in Narayangonj.

Do you agree that some tourists’ attractions should be free to visit?

  • Ans: that’s a tricky one, I’ve never had a thought on this but it’s an eccentric fact that our country charge a good deal for visiting our tourists epitome which isn’t really fair. Some places like shonargaun and Ahsan manjil are very didactic for both the young and old people so it’s more provident to make them free or at least exile to a smaller cost.

Test 3

Part 1

Fast food

What kinds of fast food have you tried? (why/Why not)

Ans: That’s a juicy question, well just like any other of my age I’m very fond of fast food thus I’ve tried plenty of dishes like pizza, burger, fries and a lot more. Unquestionably, I’ve enjoyed them all.

Do you use a microwave to cook food quickly? (why/why not)

Ans: Oh yes, yes! my mom’s a very fancy person and has aboded many machineries at home, so among them microwave woven is definitely the generic one that i use often during the night to make snacks.

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