IELTS Assessment Criteria


IELTS Assessment Criteria:

IELTS assessment criteria

The IELTS 9 band scoring arrangement is used to measure and report scores in a consistent way. Examiners are skilled in line with internationally approved standards to ensure steadiness in the excellence of their assessment.

Your IELTS test will be marked by tested assessment criteria.

Listening and Reading tests scoring

IELTS Listening and Reading tests both comprise 40 items. Each correct item is given one mark.

Writing and Speaking tests scoring

Examiners use thorough performance markers when measuring the Writing and Speaking tests. These markers, entitled band descriptors, define your written and spoken performance in four areas:

  • task achievement
  • coherence and cohesion
  • lexical resource
  • grammatical range and accuracy

IELTS Writing Assessment Criteria

Task Achievement (Writing Task 1)

This criterion inspects the overview and info that you provide, particulars of your content and the accuracy with which you have stated key features and illustrations.

Note that, you have to write no less than 150 words for Task 1. If not, there will be penalty for under word count.

Task Response (Writing Task 2)

In this criterion, the kind of response that you write for the essay type question is determined. It measures the main idea of your essay and the way you develop it with comparative examples.

You have to write no less 250 words for Task 2.

Else you will be penalized for under word count. To escape such problems, you must learn how the examiner counts your word and how many words you have to write.

Coherence & Cohesion

Your information presentation, paragraphing skills and use of proper lexical resources like connectors, conjunctions etc, is determined.

Number of paragraphs is also taken into consideration. Allocating your essay into more or less paragraphs might lower your band.

Lexical Resource

The use of adequate range of lexis, proper spellings, correct application of collocations and word construction are taken care of while scoring this criterion. You have to avoid using wrong words and informal language.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

To score this criterion, things taken into consideration comprise sentence structures, proper use of tenses, putting right punctuations, use of simple as well as complex statements with clear idea and your control over the grammar.

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