Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test

Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test | Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test

Reading Passage: Could urban engineers learn from dance 


Reading Passage: Driverless cars 


Reading Passage: Environmental practices of big businesses 


Reading Passage: Henry Moore 


Reading Passage: Nutme- a valuable spice 


Reading Passage: Should we try to bring extinct species back to life 


Reading Passage: Silbo Gomero 


Reading Passage: The Desolenator 


Reading Passage: The findings of psychological scientists reveal the importance of humour 


Reading Passage: The return of the huarango 


Reading Passage: What is exploration 


Reading Passage: Why fairy tales are really scary tales 


Some helpful tips for IELTS Reading:

How to Speed Read

All speed reading techniques have one thing in common: you avoid pronouncing and “hearing” each word in your head as you read it, a process known as as “sub-vocalization.” Instead, you “skim” lines or groups of words, as you can understand words more quickly than you can say them.

One way to stop yourself from sub-vocalizing is to focus on blocks of words rather than on individual ones. Do this by relaxing your face and “softening” or expanding your gaze on the page, so that you stop seeing words as single, distinct units. As you practice this, your eyes will skip faster across the page.

Then, when you approach the end of a line, allow your peripheral vision to take your eye to the final set of words. This will help to stop pauses in your reading (often at full points), meaning that you scan across and down to the next line more quickly.

Now let’s look at three methods to boost your reading speed: