IELTS Speaking Band 9

IELTS Speaking Band 9 : If you wanna do better in IELS Speaking, you have to use different phrases and synonyms in your speaking answers. Today we’ll talk about Joking!!!

Let’s say, if want to talk about I’m joking, you can rather say:

  • to pull your leg e.g. I’ve won a Toshiba laptop – no I’m just pulling your leg (means I’m joking)
  • to have you on e.g. I’ve won a laptop – no I’m just having you on.
  • to be kidding e.g. I’ve won a laptop – no I’m just kidding, it’s not true.

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9 Band Vocabulary:

  • I get what you are saying = I understand what you mean
  • To get a grip = to find control 
  • To get on with things = to continue with things
  • To get an education = to go to school
  • To get a job = to find employment
  • To get a salary = to get paid monthly
  • To get the sack = to lose your job (because your work is not good)
  • To get a life = to stop doing boring and trivial things
  • To get a degree = to graduate from university / college


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ielts speaking band 9
IELTS Speaking Band 9 Vocabularies/Phrases

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