IELTS Speaking – Clothes

IELTS Speaking – Clothes

IELTS Speaking – Clothes | IELTS Speaking – Clothes

IELTS is an international English Test, which assesses your ability in four skill areas such as IELTS Speaking, IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading and IELTS Writing. To get a good band score, you’ve to do equally good in all modules. Albeit getting higher band score is kind of easy in the IELTS Listening and IELTS Reading, you can also get higher band in the IELTS Speaking if you follow our complete guidelines.

General Vocabulary – Common mistakes!

The clothe I love is X

The cloth I like most is…. X

Clothes (is always plural)

Cloth refers to the material and is also used for materials used for cleaning

One item of clothing I love is …

One piece of clothing I love is …

I like to dress jeans X

I like to wear jeans

I wear jeans, it is so comfy X

I wear jeans / trousers; they are so comfy

My jeans / trousers (g.b.) /pants (u..s.) are comfy.

Essential verbs

  1. To wear clothes – (sounds like “WHERE”!)

To wear is irregular

I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt

Last week, I wore a suit – WAR!

I have never worn a tie before!

I tend to wear…

  1. To dress (usually no object)
    I like to dress smartly / casually / neatly
    I will dress up when going to a party =dress smartly
    To get dressed
    I got dressed quickly
    I got the children dressed

Phrasal Verbs
I haven’t worn these new shoes in yet!
=to wear something new until comfortable

I have worn this jacket out, I need a new one
=used so much it can no longer be used
I am worn out
= I am tired!

What kinds of clothes do you like to wear?

I like to wear short skirt X
I like to wear short skirts
I like to wear a short skirt
I like to wear smart pants (= clean and tidy)

You should use either the plural or use ‘a’.

I typically wear jeans and a t-shirt / a hoodie / a sweatshirt / silk clothes
I like to look dashing = handsome/beautiful

How to describe your favourite clothes – useful adjectives!

presentable = quite smart

scruffy = messy, untidy

willy-nilly =without care, a bit untidy

stylish yet comfy

a conservative style
classic clothes
vintage clothes

semi-formal dresses / clothes

Dressed up to the nines = really smart/elegant

Dressed to kill (for a woman)
= really smart/elegant

I am going to dress to impress!

bright / dark colours

= very loose (too big)

tight / clingy
= (too small)

Clothes that are in fashion

I like to wear clothes in black colour X

When talking about colours in English, we rarely use the word ‘colour’.
Just use the actual colour!

  • I like to wear clothes in black
  • I like to wear black clothes

The clothes I wear!

Useful Vocabulary

  • After work, I like to slip into a t-shirt
    =change into…
  • I prefer to wear polo shirts and shorts in the summer

I am not really one for accessories
=jewellery, belts, bags, gloves, hats….

I don’t really wear chains and stuff

I do wear a cap in the autumn to keep my head warm

In the summer I wear a Panama hat because it keeps the sun out of
my eyes

At work, we have a dress code to follow
We have to wear business casual
In my old job, I would typically wear a jacket
I would have to wear a shirt and tie with a jacket

I would wear slacks or chinos =smart trousers
I usually put on a jersey, a jumper, or a pullover (all the same)
I usually wear off the peg shirts, not tailor-made ones
I like short-sleeved shirts rather than long-sleeved ones

Snug as a rug =fits perfectly

Fits like a glove =fits perfectly

There wasn’t a strict dress code

Many women wore business casual

The women would typically wear a knee-length skirt or slacks, a
blouse and maybe flat shoes, rather than high heel shoes

If we are going out, I would probably go for the smart casual look

I may wear jeans, it depends on the mood, on the vibe

Are clothes important to you?

It’s a good question. I mean on a basic level, yes, of course clothes are important. I need practical clothes, for example, if I am going out walking and it’s raining, I need to wear the appropriate kind of clothes. Maybe a rain coat, taking an umbrella, something that will protect me from the rain. So, from a practical point of view, I think clothes are really important. From a fashion point of view, I don’t think they are that important. I know some people say that clothes represent your identity and its a way of expressing your personality, but to be honest, for me, I take a much more pragmatic (=realistic) approach.

I think clothes are just a way to cover ourselves and keep ourselves warm or keep ourselves cool.

I don’t really see them as fashion accessories or a way of expressing who I am, but that’s just my personal take (=personal opinion) on clothes.

Do you think clothes reflect a country’s identity?

I’d say, you know, in this modern age of globalisation, I don’t think it really does reflect a country’s identity.

I think so many people now wear similar clothes, be it jeans or T-shirts, it’s just everybody’s wearing the same garb, (=clothes) and even where people are changing the fashion, like ripped jeans, that catches on quickly and then again, young people across the world are wearing the same clothes.

So, no I don’t think so it does.

That said, there is one element that is important and that’s traditional clothes,
and many countries still use traditional clothes, especially for special events.

For example, at a wedding or at a funeral or some kind of family celebration, for example maybe in countries like India, they would wear a Saree (=kind of Indian dress) for certain events.

And in other countries there are the more kind of traditional clothes, but I think in a lot of countries that tradition is dying out and those clothes are disappearing and you very rarely see them nowadays, whether it’s a good or a bad thing.

So overall, I don’t think clothes reflect a country’s identity.

How do you think fashion trends have changed since you were younger?

I think fashion trends have changed enormously in the past 30, 40, 50 years, not just from the 90’s, but even before that.

You know, I remember when I was young, back in the day, flared jeans, (=bell-bottom jeans) flares, were very popular, and shirts with really long collars, these huge, flying collars, they were fashionable, as was long hair as well, especially for men,

but I think whilst jeans are still popular, flared jeans went in and out of fashion, and came back again, but now different kinds of jeans are fashionable, right?

Ripped jeans are much more fashionable, and shirts with slim-fit, small collars are also popular now, whereas in the past, they weren’t that popular.

The old-fashioned kind of mini-skirts went out of fashion and then again came in fashion. So, it strikes me (=it seems to me / I think) actually, that fashion goes around its cycles and it’s not long before it comes back into fashion.

So, fashion has changed, but I’d say not in a linear way, but in a circular way, if I can say that.

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