IELTS Speaking PHRASES You Must Know | Band 8 Vocabulary

IELTS Speaking PHRASES You Must Know | Band 8 Vocabulary

Phrasal Verbs                                               Meaning

1. add up                                                       To refer to information which is meaningful, logical and that makes sense

2. answer back                                             To reply rudely to someone

3. ask someone out                                     To invite someone on a date

4. break down                                              To stop functioning (vehicle, machine)

5. break in/into                                            To enter a place by force in order to steal

6. break something down                          To divide into smaller parts

7. bring something up                                To start talking about a subject

8. bump into someone                               To meet someone you know without having planned it

9. call something off                                   To cancel something

10. carry out                                                 To do or complete something

11. catch up with someone                       To meet someone to update on each other’s life events

12. come across as                                      To give other people a certain feeling or opinion

13. come up with something                     To suggest or think of an idea

14. do without                                              To manage without something

15. drag on                                                   To last longer than expected

16. drop by                                                   To stop by for a short visit

17. drop someone/something off            To leave someone or something in a place or destination

18. fall behind                                              To fail to do something fast enough or on time

19. fill someone in                                       To give someone details about something

20. follow up                                                To take further action connected to something that has already happened

21. get along with someone                      To have a good relationship with someone

22. get down to                                           To start to actually doing something

23. get on with                                             To continue doing something

24. give up                                                    To stop trying

25. hang on to something                          To keep something



IELTS Speaking PHRASES You Must Know | Band 8 Vocabulary

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