IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card – A moment when felt proud of your friend’s success

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card – A moment when felt proud of your friend’s success

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card – A moment when felt proud of your friend’s success

A moment when you felt proud of your friend’s success

  • What was the success?
  • When it happened?
  • How did he/she accomplished it?
  • And explain why you thought it was a success.

A success story in a person’s life is a proud moment for a friend. It reminds me of my closest friend, Raj, who started an NGO (Non- Government Organization) of his own by the name ‘Hope’. The organization mainly focused on underprivileged women and the ones who have gone through a lot of difficulties in life. It mainly aimed at women empowerment. It provided them with holistic education and employment so that they get an identity and work independently and make a choice of a lifestyle they want to live.

Raj had always been a social activist from his university days and he spent his summers engaging in activities for the society’s welfare. Professionally, he was a road constructor and on a project he noticed the ill-treatment meted out to women laborers by their own family members. It was a turning point in his career and he decided to uphold gender justice, equality and women rights. He was determined to work for poverty-stricken urban women who face all kinds of abuses.

When this idea struck Raj’s mind, he came to me for some suggestions because his major concern was a place to commence the organization. I advised him to start it by utilizing the extra area he had adjoining his house. As it was for a good cause, he already had many people to work for him. He started it by visiting slums, making women aware of their rights and promised to provide with a life of dignity and independence.

Today, his organization has grown to an extent that it was awarded for being ‘NGO of the year’ of our city, Dehradun. As I too try to visit his organization and contribute in some way or the other, he had accomplished more than I imagined. This makes me feel so proud of him. He had provided work and education to many women and they all ARE doing quite well in their lives. In my last visit to him, he told me about his future plans of expanding the organization where the women would organize and manage monthly fairs in which women would make and sell art and utilize their skills. All profits incurred from these fairs would be kept by the workers and not the organization.

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