IELTS Speaking: Likings

There are a range of ways to answer your IELTS Speaking questions as regard likings.  IELTS Speaking: Likings:

Let’s say, you’re asked about : What do you like to do in the evening? Instead of repeating the questions i.e. I like to do many things in the evening….. you CAN answer the question in other ways like:

  • I’m passionate about Cricket, however, I love playing indoor sports as well
  • I’m keen on reading travel brochures to know ins and out about it
  • I’m mostly interested in reading books on romance and fiction.

So, if you want to perform greatly in the IELTS Speaking exam, you must know some phrases before hand; like:

  • I love… For example: I love travelling than staying at home alone.
  • I like….. I like walking and chatting with my friends.
  • I’m really into…. I’m really into English, so I spend most of my time with it.
  • I’m partial to it…
  • I’m passionate about….
  • I’m into it.. 
  • I’m crazy about…..

IELTS Speaking Tips:

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