IELTS Speaking Vocabularies

Today, I’d like to share with you some very cool IELTS Speaking Vocabularies to BOOST your IELTS Speaking score. Are you ready?

Here we go for rocking IELTS Speaking Vocabularies:

They are all about Secrets!!!!!!

  • To spill the beans ( ফাঁস করে দেওয়া): So, tell me – who is your sister going out with? Come on, spill the beans. I’d like to listen all about your hidden issues. So, spill the beans. Let’s spill the beans to make his character transparent to the public. Spilling the beans wouldn’t be a good idea. 
  • To keep mum (কাউকে না বলা): I can’t tell you who is going to beat the game. I’m keeping mum. Don’t keep mum when you need to speak the truth.
  • To give the game away (inadvertently reveal something secret ): I am sorry I can’t tell you any information about it – I don’t want to give the game away

So, now it’s your turn to practice and master them to use in IELTS Speaking exam.

Best of luck!

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