IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Band 8.0

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Band 8.0

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Band 8.0

In some area of the US, a ‘curfew’ is imposed, in which teenagers are not allowed to be out of doors after a particular time at night unless they are accompanied by an adult. What is your opinion on this?

Completely Agree

Teenagers are restricted by law to go outdoors after a specific time at night unless an adult is accompanied by them. While some argue that giving minors the freedom to go outside could be beneficial for their later in life. Despite this, I completely agree with this view as it helps in preventing youngers to commit anti-social activities and is a way to protect them from criminals.

Firstly, youth who are shielded from their parents or guardian will behave socially acceptable. School students, for example, may be encaged to low-level narcotic activities particularly at night times unless they are not under the supervision of their parents. This will lead them to do a pattern of misbehaviours and eventually affect their studies. Thus this makes clear that a night lockdown is crucial for youth to focus on education.

Secondly, criminal offences are taking place after the sunshine in the regions of the US. For instance, recently an incident was reported by the media that a 14 years old child was raped and killed on Texas street at midnight. This could be prevented if someone matured people around the innocent child. Therefore, a kind of law is crucial in order to protect our younger generation from criminals.

In conclusion, the imposed law in the US will bring many beneficial effects to the youth as well as the community. However, it might lead juveniles to totally depend on others in their future life. Hence, to ensure the strike balance, the country should implement further strict rules such as the death penalty.


Partly  Agree

In some parts of the United States teenagers are prevented to go outside, unless they are accompanied by adults. Some people believe it is a good move, while others believe it is a restriction on their freedom. This essay will discuss both viewpoints in detail and give reasons to support my opinion.

To begin with, firstly, the age from 13 to 19 is an age where kids want to prove themselves to their parents. While they think they have knowledge of everything, in reality, they don’t know much about the outside world. In addition, it is the age that decides their future. So, it is very important to care for them very carefully. Moreover, during the late-night, all evil things happened on the streets like consumption of drugs, local gang fight, supply of pistols and other dangerous weapons. They can easily come under the trap of these hazardous activities. To illustrate, recently in Canada, one teenage boy under the influence of a local gangster shot 17 innocent person at school. So, it is the utmost responsibility of parents to take care of them and keep watch on them. Furthermore, it will be easy for parents when they are supported by the government.

On the other hand, there are people who believe, it will ruin the personality of teenagers. Even though they have not attended the age of maturity, still they have the right to go around freely whenever they want without putting any restrictions. Apart from this, it is also believed that this is a period of their personality development, since they get exposure to the outside world. When they go outside at night, they deal and talk with different kinds of people that give them confidence and groom their overall development. For example, one of my friend’s son, who frequently go outside late at night and he is very bold enough to talk with people confidently.

To conclude, although there are supporting ideas for both the viewpoints, however, as per my opinion, putting restrictions on their freedom is much better than giving them the scope to enter into terrible activities.


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