My name is Mohammad Nazrul Islam, and this is my mission as an IELTS teacher:

  • My mission is to provide the authentic information  and IELTS tips about the IELTS test, from an IELTS expert’s perspective. Having been in IELTS teaching over one and a half decades, I know exactly what IELTS examiners want to see in your IELTS writing, IELTS Speaking and other two parts of the exam, and I strongly believe that, my advice is correct and reliable. There’s a lot of bad information about IELTS on the Internet, so it makes sense for you to check with an IELTS expert.
  • I create materials for self-study. I work with a team that belongs to me, so I offer face-to-face lessons and a full ‘language school’ service. Our materials and publications can be used by aspirants who are studying by themselves, or by people who already attended a language school or IELTS course. Many IELTS and English language teachers use my materials with their students too. Whatsoever your condition, I hope you’ll find my resources absolutely useful and easy to access.

Here’s what I offer:

  • One to One / Face to face IELTS Private Care for higher band score like CLB6-9 or Band 6-7.5
  • A range of short and long IELTS and language courses
  • A range of publications for IELTS and English improvements
  • Free IELTS lessons here!
  • If you want a faster and more organised self-study programme, try my video lessons. These take you step by step through my IELTS exam ‘methods’, and I cover all question types and every aspect of the test.

These resources are my best attempt to help IELTS and English learning students to excel. I believe they can help you to pass the test and improve your English skills.

Good Luck!

Muhammad Nazrul Islam