Phrases you MUST Know

Phrases that you MUST-Know! Phrases that you MUST-Know!

Answers of the phrases are given below, and to master them, please repeat each of them more than once.

  1. “What have you been up to?”

We usually use the present perfect continuous tense to give more information than simply ‘nothing much/not much.’

Other answers for “what have you been up to?” include:

  • “I’ve just been working a lot.”
  • “I’m still finishing the project I’ve been working on.”
  • “I’ve been working, cooking, and driving around a lot.”
  • “I’ve been travelling.”
  • “I’ve been running around non-stop!  It feels like I can’t get a break.”

We can also respond with ‘same here’ if the question is returned, and we had the same experience as the person asking it:

Person a: “What have you been up to?”

Person b: “Nothing much, and you?”

Person a: “Same here.”

If we’re being accused of misbehaving, we might respond with:

“I haven’t done anything!”


Phrases you MUST Know

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