Reading Solutions

Reading Solutions

We’ve arranged the solutions for all Cambridge IELTS Reading Tests, so that candidates can learn the required language and understand the trick to locate and find out the answers of different questions. If you find this lesson helpful, please don’t forget to SHARE on you FACEBOOK profile, so that others can be benefitted from this as well.

Must Remember:

  • You’ve to master the paraphrasing to do well in the IELTS Reading test
  • You’ve to learn synonyms as much as possible
  • The best way to learn synonyms is by reading more and more reading tests and by solving them
  • Make a note for special vocabulary and phrases to keep yourself update with it

Paraphrasing and summarising

Writing at university involves integrating ideas from other authors into your own writing.

Paraphrasing and summarising allows you to acknowledge these authors by expressing the information in your own words. Effective paraphrasing also demonstrates your understanding of the information.

How to paraphrase

To paraphrase, you need to:

  • change the structure of the sentence
  • Change the words in the sentence
  • Changing the structure of a sentence
  • Read the original text a number of times and make sure you understand the main ideas.
  • Write down the main ideas from memory.

Check what you have written against the original text – make sure you have retained the original ideas and that your version is different.

Changing the words

It can be easy to spot when someone has copied directly from a textbook. We all have different styles of writing and yours will be different to the authors you are reading.

  • Once you understand the main ideas of the original text look for specialised words – these words may be retained in the paraphrased version, as they are key to the meaning of the sentence.
  • Look for words or phrases that can be changed.
  • Use a thesaurus or dictionary to find substitutes.

Rephrasing or restating information from another source in your own words without changing the meaning.
Maybe shorter than the original passage.

A summary includes only the main ideas of someone else’s writing, restated in your own words.
Much shorter than the original text.

Always acknowledge the original author when using a paraphrase or summary.

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