Why we need to protect polar bears, Cam 16 AC, Test-1

Why we need to protect polar bears- Cam 16 AC, Test-1: Passage-1

Why we need to protect polar bears- Cam 16 AC, Test-1

Why we need to protect polar bears- Cam 16 AC, Test-1


Why we need to protect polar bears

Polar bears are being increasingly threatened by the effects of climate change, but their disappearance could have far-reaching consequences. They are uniquely adapted to the extreme conditions of the Arctic Circle, where temperatures can reach -40°C. One reason for this is that they have up to 11 centimetres of fat underneath their skin. Humans with comparative levels of adipose tissue would be considered obese and would be likely to suffer from diabetes and heart disease. Yet the polar bear experiences no such consequences……

Answer: 1-13 for Passage 1




4   TRUE

5   TRUE


7   TRUE

8   violent

9   tool

10   meat

11   photographer

12   game

13   frustration

The Step Pyramid of Djoser- Cam 16 AC, Test-1, Passage-2


The pyramids are the most famous monuments of ancient Egypt and still hold enormous interest for people in the present day. These grand, impressive tributes to the memory of the Egyptian kings have become linked with the country even though other cultures, such as the Chinese and Mayan, also built pyramids. The evolution of the pyramid form has been written and argued about for centuries. However, there is no question that, as far as Egypt is concerned, it began with one monument to one king designed by one brilliant architect: the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara……

Answer: 14-26

Passage 2

14   iv

15   vii

16   ii

17   v

18   i

19   viii

20   vi

21 city

22   priests

23   trench

24   location

25&26   B, D

The future of work- Cam 16 AC, Test-1, Passage-3

According to a leading business consultancy, 3-14% of the global workforce will need to switch to a different occupation within the next 10-15 years, and all workers will need to adapt as their occupations evolve alongside increasingly capable machines. Automation – or ‘embodied artificial intelligence’ (AI) – is one aspect of the disruptive effects of technology on the labour market. ‘Disembodied AI’, like the algorithms running in our smartphones, is another……

Answer: 27-40

Passage 3

27   B

28   D

29   C

30   D

31   G

32   E

33   C

34   F

35   B

36   A

37   C

38   A

39   B

40   C