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Grammar & Writing Course

This course has been designed in order to provide our learners with the necessary skills of English Grammar. This will ultimately lead to much better English writing skills and will also help the students go forward towards using correct sentence structure. Practical usage of English Grammar and the tips and techniques of creative writing are the contents of this course. This course will build the background for those students who are not being able to prepare themselves for tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE due to their lack of basic skills in the English language.

Grammar and Writing Course Contents

Grammar Verb and its varieties; Sentence types and structures; Phrase, Clause & Sentence; Punctuation; Classification of nouns; Subject-verb agreement; Capitalization; Adjectives; Articles; Though/although/even though; There and it; Every/each/whole/both/either/neither; Many/much/a lot of/a few/ a little; Relative Pronouns; Tense; Prefix and Suffix; Apostrophe; Adverbs; Possessive noun; Active and Passive voice; Preposition; Gerund, Infinitive, Participle; Modal Auxiliary Verb; Conditional Sentence; Pronoun agreements.
Writing Variety of sentence structures; Paragraph writing; Essay Writing; Brainstorming/Idea generation/mind mapping; Topic sentence writing; Thesis sentence writing; Idea sentence writing; Detail/example sentence writing; Conclusion writing; Linking/transitional words; Common spelling rules.



Course Duration : 2 months ( 8 weeks)
No. of classes : 20
No. of Exams : 02
Class Duration : 1.30 Hours ( 3 days/week)
Course Fee: Tk.9000/-